For Companies Contracting Owner-Operators On An Exclusive Basis

With nine SmartChoice benefit packages available, Owner Operators can enjoy the same benefits as large businesses – without having to complete medicals or fill out medical questionnaires!

  • You can offer the SmartChoice Owner Operator benefit plan to Owner Operators contracted exclusively with you.
  • The benefit is voluntary (each Owner Operator decides whether to join, and the plan to take).
  • There is no administration for the company (other than creating awareness by making brochures and enrolment forms available)

SmartChoice Group Benefits plans are Comprehensive, Affordable…Simple.

SmartChoice Group Benefit Plans have been developed to provide pre-packaged, pre-priced benefits tailored to business segments that have traditionally been frustrated by the group insurance marketplace in obtaining the employee benefits they require. For many clients in these segments, only SmartChoice provides enhanced benefit definitions and coverage amounts.

Keeping It Simple!

SmartChoice Benefits are insured by three major insurers, ensuring quality claims administration and plan member communication.

  • Premiums are collected via electronic withdrawal from each participant’s own bank account.
  • Communication is directly between SmartChoice Benefits (and our insurers) and each Owner Operator.
  • Each Owner Operator decides on the benefit plan to take

Who Can Qualify For SmartChoice Benefits For Owner Operators:

  1. Contracted exclusively with one company (not open to independents working for more than one company)
  2. Must be offered to all Owner Operators contracted with the company
  3. Must be endorsed by the contracting company
  4. Each Owner Operator has 30 days to decide whether to take the plan after being offered the chance to enrol