SmartChoice Benefits Inc. develops group benefit products that provide businesses and brokers – advisors with effective benefit plan options for niche markets.

We’ve been developing benefit products for over 25 years:

Initially for our own clients who had asked us to find plans that met their needs. When it became apparent that these products were not being offered by the group insurance industry, at the urging of our clients we developed them ourselves.After investing heavily to develop a state-of-the-art administration system, we negotiated with a number of insurers to develop the final benefit plan designs.

Our objectives:

Keep it simple, keep it affordable, include features available to larger corporations but generally unavailable to the market niches filled by our clients.

We have been working successfully with businesses and brokers – advisors  since 2001:

After initial success with our own clients, including large franchise operations, we saw an opportunity to provide the market with our products as an excellent group benefits option.