Standalone Critical Illness Insurance Protection for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Increased public awareness of its benefits has boosted employee demand for Critical Illness insurance. Providing a lump-sum cash payment, Critical Illness insurance alleviates some of the stress and financial burden when an employee experiences a critical medical condition.

Employers are supplementing or even replacing disability benefits with Smart Choice Group Critical Illness because it covers many of the costs associated with recovery.

SmartChoice Group Critical Illness is one of the most comprehensive critical illness plans available to businesses and their employees, providing benefits that were once available only to large corporations.  SmartChoice Group C.I. will even provide coverage for businesses of one  to four employees provided the business has a registered business name – whether a Sole Proprietor, a Partnership, or a Corporation.

There are no pre-existing medical conditions restrictions and, for groups of 5 or more covered employees there are no medical underwriting requirements (members of Groups of 1 to 4 covered employees each only need to submit a statement of health questionnaire that requires approval before coverage is granted).

DEPENDENT COVERAGE is also available for groups of 5 or more covered employees.

SmartChoice C.I. plans are packaged on a “Group” basis and are mandatory for all employees in each covered class.

And our FIXED RATE STRUCTURE makes it easy to determine cost (see Premium Calculator).

Even the one person business can enjoy the benefits available from SmartChoice C.I.